What Does a Freelancer for Digital Marketing Do?

freelancer for digital marketing

What does it mean when somebody says they’re a freelancer for digital marketing? Are they a freelance writer for blogs? What about email marketing? Do they set up content marketing systems or promotions? Are they strategists? Or are they creative content writers?

When you’re a freelancer for the digital marketing niche, there are multiple variations, and knowing what to specialize in can be confusing.

As for me, I focus on writing copy:

  • Copywriting
  • Landing pages
  •  Email
  • Articles and blog posts

If it’s about words, that’s my territory. Of course, I’m more than a regular blog post writer. I’ve learned persuasive writing, which is key. This is the special sauce that makes a difference. I understand what goes into different types of copy, what is needed, and what questions to ask to give you what you need.

Freelance Writing and Digital Marketing

Let’s look a little closer:

The role of marketing is moving your customer or potential client to the next step in the buying journey.

If you’re writing an article on your grandmother’s favorite apple pie recipe, and you simply list the ingredients and steps, that’s a regular article.

In digital marketing, there would be another purpose. Maybe you’re trying to sell them on a new kitchen appliance, and the article is a lead in.

You might tell a nice story about your grandmother and her pie, list the recipe, but it’s all to move them to the next step. You want them to take an action, not just make a pie. You’re going for a click with your call to action.

When you’re a freelance writer for blogs, it’s not as simple as writing words. You need to know the purpose of the blog post. Is there another step? Is the blog owner hoping their reader will click on their lead magnet and join their newsletter? By leading them to the lead magnet, you’re encouraging them to act. This is digital marketing.

The goal is for the reader to act

Whether it’s to click a button, sign up for a newsletter, or to buy a product…

 Maybe you added a list of related articles at the end of your blog post. In this case, your end goal might be to keep your reader on the page longer. Engaging the reader means your dwell time goes up, and Google reads this signal as your website being a good match for the searcher’s intent. This in turn helps your search engine rankings.

By knowing the action you want your reader to take, you can direct your copy.

What Stage of the Process is the Customer In?

When you’re a freelancer for digital marketing, you’ll want where in the buying process the customer is, before starting the job. There should be a clear goal in mind.

If your potential customer has recently become aware of you and is looking for information, don’t rush them too quickly to the convert stage. It’s a mistake to jump steps in this process, and an untrained writer may not understand there’s a subtle manner that moves your customer through the process.

You need to engage them. Let them get to know you. Offer solid content with helpful information whether it’s a video, article, guide, or podcast.

Once they see can be trusted, it builds a sense of authority. This is the basis of relationships. The potential customer is likely to subscribe to your email list if they trust you.

During the next phase, you’ll nurture them while gently guiding them to the next action.

There is a sequence of steps that helps make this a frictionless process. If you jump too quickly, you’ll likely chase them away, by coming off aggressive. Understand that persuasive writing is an art.

When you’re a freelance writer, it’s important to know what you write and why. Your client needs to have confidence that you understand the difference between a basic article and a persuasive one. Let’s face it, nobody likes a pushy salesman, and yet we are still working to grow business. With the right information at the right time, you can create a comfortable environment that shows the customer that you’re there to help them find the answers they need.

Being helpful is the way to build trust. Once you prove that you have the valuable solution to their problem, you’ll be well on your way to creating a safe environment where your potential client takes the next step, acts, and purchases your product or service.

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