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I sit at the intersection of creative content and personal growth.

I combine passion for both and share what I’ve learned along the way. My super power is bringing snooze-worthy content to life and simplifying complex topics.

You’ll find easy-to-understand articles with great readability.

Engaging copy is crucial…especially if you’re a small business trying to be heard.

Break through the noise.

With so many distractions, grabbing and holding your customer’s attention is vital. How do you do this?

  • a strong hook engages your customer
  • helpful, authoritative answers to commonly asked questions
  • a friendly and welcoming environment
  • who you are and what you do

Solid copy educates and entertains your customers. Most importantly, it builds trust, which builds relationship.

Show your potential clients that you understand their needs, and that you’re the solution to their problem.

When a customer moves from the awareness stage to naming their problem or issue, they’re seeking information on how to fix it. They want answers that work.

That’s where you come in. Your content gently guides the customer and moves them toward the buying stage.

  • Be the solution to their problem.
  • Help remove their pain points.
  • They’re looking for answers.
  • Be the answer.

You want:

  • concise on-spot copy, without the fluff
  • longer dwell time on your site
  • targeted copy that speaks to your buyer’s persona
  • to be the solution to their problem
  • …you want results.

You need:

  • copy that speaks to your customer’s needs
  • words that transform business jargon into friendly, understandable language.
  • flow and transitional phrases which keep your customer on your site and reading
  • to help give the customer a positive experience in the decision making process
  • clean copy with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation

How I can guide you…

I’m a freelancer writer with strengths in digital marketing, copywriting, inbound marketing, and email marketing. I’m also a published fiction author with more than ten years of experience.

What you DON’T want:

Complicated, verbose phrases. Complex and drab copy. Bored customers that bounce off your site faster than a three-year old on a sugar rush.

Keep your reader focused:

Your creative content should keep the reader focused. It’s an important part of the buying process, as they move along your sales funnel. This is a win for the customer who finds a solution to their problem, and a win for your company in building continued growth.

WHAT YOU NEED: Easy. Simplified. Results driven content.

Portfolio: Writing Samples

You’ll find a portfolio of my writing samples here.

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