I’m a creative content writer. I write both fiction and non-fiction, and I’m ready to help you with your website, blog content, or small business.

If you’re ready to tackle the words that don’t want to come for you, give me a shout. I can get you on the path to better, stronger content that’s both polished and engaging.

I know SEO and inbound marketing. I understand keywords, both top level and long tail, and the need to include other relevant words. I understand placement without keyword stuffing, and have a natural flow, even when you need to get an awkward phrase wedged into place.

I’m HubSpot Academy certified with Inbound Marketing, Inbound, and Content Marketing(see below). It means I understand the terminology you want and need, along with what a good content strategy can do. I’m also certified with Digital Marketer as a Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist, and an Email Marketing Specialist (see below).


You can also see more of my writing voice and style on my blog for beginning fiction writers.