Dominate These Digital Trends or Get Left Behind

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How to leverage the latest digital marketing trends

Trends change quickly in the marketing world. When it comes to the digital landscape, keeping your business front and center means staying current, whether you’re a mom and pop shop or a large industry.

Is your marketing team lagging behind? Customized experiences that put the customer first and foremost is the name of the game. Let’s break down four of the top marketing trends you’ll need to perfect if you want to stay relevant in 2020.

  • conversational marketing
  • personalized experiences that engage your customer
  • top-notch customer service
  • enhanced visuals across a broader reach of channels

Conversational marketing

According to Smart Insights, artificial intelligence is changing quickly. Conversational marketing will be a crucial component during the next couple of years. More people are searching via their phones or smart speakers. Smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home have changed the language in which they search.

Voice is exploding in growth. Learning how to leverage this technology is a must. Where a client might have typed “soft-boiled egg recipe” in a browser search bar in the past, a voice search would phrase it more like a question: “How long do I cook a soft-boiled egg for?”

What this means for your business is that you’ll want to make sure that your website answers questions that are most pertinent with helpful FAQ’s or dedicated pages with details a customer is looking for.

An example: If you’re a podcast teaching website, rather than simply listing the equipment you recommend to your potential students, you might have a page that answers not only what equipment you suggest but explain why you’ve chosen that particular unit and how to use it.

Offering a knowledge base that offers thorough information and is helpful to the searcher will gain you points in loyalty. Why send them to another website for information you could have provided given the right frame of mind. How can I best help a potential client?

Personalized experience

You’ll need to offer a customized experience. Personalized content and interactive marketing will be important factors to keep your customers engaged. By catering to your client and focusing on what you can do for them, your business will gain valuable loyalty which will keep you thriving and relevant in today’s market.

An example: Offer a source that increases dwell time and keeps a customer on your site, such as multiple forms of media like visuals, video, or interactive tools such as a mortgage calculator or headline analyzer. By being helpful and offering customers exactly what they’re looking for, you’ll be on the top of their list when it comes time to make a buying decision.

Top-notch customer service

Customer service plays a vital role in your marketing strategy, as per PwC’s Global Insight Survey, which found that customer convenience and friendly, knowledgeable service where the things that customers valued most. In fact, over 40% of clients would pay more for the convenience factor according to the insights.

Businesses must adapt if they want to continue to nurture a client’s loyalty. Customers care more about how you treat them and what you can do for them, than if you have the fanciest web design or the coolest coding on your site. Put your money into creating better customer experiences for the win.

Visuals continue to remain vital

Another trend that continues to maintain its relevance today is offering visuals. Visual content will remain an important investment in your marketing plan.

The ability to reach across multiple channels and draw customer’s in is aided by colorful visuals that attract attention. By re-purposing content, you’ll reach more people in different areas of the awareness process which will help them remember your company or create the curiosity to learn more about your firm.

The right content makes all the difference.

People absorb information faster and more efficiently with visuals, which engages them. An engaged client is an important step in the customer journey.

Search Engine Journal reminds us that searcher’s intent is at the core of perfecting your digital marketing strategies. Simply vying for keywords in the SEO world isn’t enough anymore. By bringing in customer’s that are already in the right state of mind will help you target exactly what they’re looking for.


· Search phrases are changing as voice search expands, which means you’ll want to examine holes in your database of knowledge and see how you can improve the users experience with quick, concise information that helps answer their questions

· Put your customer first with a personalized experience, because it not only enhances engagement, but helps build loyalty

· Welcome your customer with helpful information and improved convenience, and know that a happy customer is willing to pay more when you give them what they deem is a valuable experience

· Visuals remain a great way to attract potential customers. Spread your content across multiple channels for the greatest reach. Visuals quickly engage a customer, which is a win for your business.

· Searcher’s intent. By changing how you target customers, you’ll be able to draw customers who are in a buying or learning state of mind.

With current digital marketing trends, and keeping an eye to the future, you’ll keep your business front and center during 2020 and the future.

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